Noosa – A Warm Welcome to 6 New Students – 30th October

Let’s give a warm welcome to these 6 new students who are starting their journey at Lexis English Noosa!

Every week at Lexis English Noosa brings with it a sense of excitement and anticipation as new faces join our ever-growing international family. This time, we are thrilled to welcome six new students who have journeyed from different corners of the globe to join our vibrant and diverse community. As they embark on their language-learning adventure with us, let’s get to know these newcomers and the experiences they’re sure to bring to our school.

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From left to right: Sin Sian (Sam), Yuki, Saskia, Jade, Natthakan (Mind) and Kenya.

Yuki Photo

Yuki is a vivacious 39-year-old woman from Japan. She has a zest for life that revolves around her love for driving, soaking in the sun at the beach, indulging in TV marathons, and savoring her favorite snacks. Her dynamic career has seen her working in hotel reception and retail, which has sparked her desire to learn English to better serve international visitors. Yuki’s deep connection with Australia is no surprise, having lived in Cairns and the Gold Coast for eight years during her working holiday. She cherishes Australia for its warm people, delectable cuisine, breathtaking natural landscapes, and all the other extraordinary experiences it offers.

Saskia Photo

Saskia, a 23-year-old woman hailing from Switzerland, is on an exciting journey of self-discovery. With a promising apprenticeship as a medical assistant in a doctor’s practice, she’s recognized the importance of mastering English for her career. Outside the medical world, Saskia is an avid enthusiast of climbing, hiking, and gymnastics, always seeking new heights and challenges. Her love for reading transports her to different worlds through books. In just two weeks of English learning, she’s set to embark on an Australian adventure with her trusty backpack, commencing her journey in Cairns and concluding in Melbourne. Saskia’s love for animals fuels her hope of encountering Australia’s remarkable wildlife, making her expedition one filled with both professional growth and unforgettable, nature-filled experiences.

Kenya Photo

Kenya, a young man from Japan, finds immense joy in watching football games and dreams of one day running his own guest house, where he can combine his love for travel and his passion for meeting people from all walks of life. His journey led him to Noosa, driven by the desire to learn English, and he was pleasantly surprised to discover that Noosa offers a unique opportunity to immerse himself in a culture different from his own, as there aren’t many Japanese people in this picturesque coastal town. Kenya’s pursuit of language skills and cross-cultural experiences is a testament to his adventurous spirit and his commitment to making his dreams a reality.

Natthakan May Photo

Natthakan, known as Mind, is a spirited young girl from Thailand. Her life is a harmonious blend of attending school from Monday to Friday and spending her afternoons helping her uncle sell food. The bond she shares with her uncle is heartwarming, as she genuinely loves assisting him. Mind’s eagerness for personal growth is evident through her strong desire to pursue further studies. Looking ahead, she envisions a future where she can follow in her uncle’s footsteps and set up her own food-selling venture, continuing the family tradition that she holds dear.

Sin Photo

Sin Sian (Sam), hailing from Malaysia but having spent the past decade in Taiwan, is a dynamic individual with a zest for life. A Software Engineer by profession, Sam has a plethora of hobbies that keep him constantly on the move – from riding the waves as a surfer to conquering hiking trails and staying fit through workouts. His passion for travel has taken him to several exciting destinations this year, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia. Sam’s desire to improve his English is not only for personal growth but also to enhance his career prospects. As he embarks on this language-learning journey, he eagerly anticipates forming lasting friendships and connections along the way.

Jade Photo

Jade, a spirited young girl from Belgium who just recently graduated from secondary school. In her spare time, she finds joy in playing volleyball, immersing herself in the world of books, taking on challenging hiking trails, and creating delectable treats through her passion for baking. Inspired by her mother’s adventurous spirit in her youth, Jade is now eager to embark on her own journey of exploration before pursuing higher education. Her first stop is Australia, where she hopes to follow in her mother’s footsteps. After her Australian adventure, Jade envisions a similar escapade in another country, with her sights set on Canada, where she plans to learn French and continue her pursuit of life’s rich experiences.

As we welcome Yuki, Saskia, Kenya, Natthakan, Sin Sian and Jade into our Lexis English Noosa family, we are reminded of the incredible diversity that makes our school a global melting pot of cultures and languages. Each student represents a unique story, a distinctive perspective, and a fresh set of dreams that they bring to our campus.

The journey of learning English is not just about grammar rules and vocabulary. It’s about discovering a new world, embracing different cultures, and forming lifelong friendships. At Lexis English Noosa, we are committed to providing an environment where students can flourish not only as English language learners but as global citizens.

Our dedicated team of teachers and staff is excited to support Yuki, Saskia, Kenya, Natthakan, Sin Sian and Jade on their linguistic journey. They will receive top-notch language education, cultural immersion, and unforgettable experiences that will not only enhance their English skills but also leave a lasting impact on their lives.

As the new week unfolds, we look forward to witnessing the growth and transformation of these six new students. Their arrival has added another layer of richness to the cultural tapestry of Lexis English Noosa, and we can’t wait to see the bonds that will form, the adventures that will be had, and the linguistic progress that will be made during their time here.

Welcome to Lexis English Noosa, Yuki, Saskia, Kenya, Natthakan, Sin Sian and Jade – your journey has just begun, and it’s going to be an incredible one!

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