Trivia! 2nd March

Oscar and Thomas took on Nanae and Olaf to be crowned the brainiest duo!!

Can you beat Nanae and Olaf’s score of 13 or Oscar and Thomas’ score of 16? Answers are at the bottom of the page!



  1. What is the meaning of Australia?

A) North Land             B) East Land             C) West Land                  D) South Land


  1. Which animal carries its baby in its pouch?

A) Giraffe                     B) Kangaroo                C) Zebra                          D) Lion


  1. Which animal lays eggs?

A) Platypus                 B) Otter                       C) Dog                               D) Elephant


  1. When is Australia Day?

A) 3rd January             B) 26th January          C) 4th May                     D) 20th December


  1. Which of the following is not a state?

A) Queensland            B) Western Australia        C) South Australia         D) Northern Territory


  1. What is a dingo?

A) Flower                   B) Wild Dog                        C) Tree                        D) Bird


  1. Which is Australia’s tallest bird?

A) Emu                         B) Ostrich                           C) Parrot                    D) Ibis


  1. How many countries are larger than Australia?

A) 4                                 B) 5                                      C) 1                               D) 6


  1. In what state/territory was the highest recorded temperature of 53 degrees recorded?

A) Queensland          B) Northern Territory         C) South Australia          D) Western Australia


  1. Australia has the world’s largest sand island, what is it called?

A) Moreton Island           B) Kangaroo Island          C) Fraser Island            D) Stradbroke Island


  1. What animal is on the Western Australia flag?

A) Black swan                   B) Lizard                       C) Kangaroo               D) Shark


  1. What is the highest grossing Australian movie?

A) Mad Max                  B) Australia                C) Crocodile Dundee              D) Muriel’s Wedding


  1. How much of Australia is desert?

A) 18%                                 B) 35%                              C) 3%                         D) 46%




  1. In what country is Big Ben?

A) England                     B) France                     C) Switzerland                    D) Germany


  1. More people are killed in Africa by ………, than any other animal

A) Crocodiles                 B) Lions                         C) Buffalo                          D) Hippos


  1. How many continents are there?

A) 8                                    B) 4                                 C) 5                                      D) 7


  1. How many oceans are there?

A) 4                                    B) 5                                 C) 7                                      D) 3


  1. Which country has the most natural lakes?

A) United States             B) Canada                     C) Australia                 D) India


  1. Which African nation has the most pyramids?

A) Egypt                            B) Algeria                     C) Libya                        D) Sudan


  1. What country has the most coastline?

A) China                           B) United States             C) Russia                  D) Canada


  1. What percentage of the river Nile is located in Egypt?

A) 83%                               B) 22%                                C) 100%                        D) 9%


9. What ocean is home to 75% of the Earth’s volcanoes?

A) Atlantic                       B) Pacific                            C) Indian                        D) Arctic


10. What river runs through Paris?

A) Seine                            B) Thames                          C) Danube                     D) Elbe





  1. D
  2. B
  3. A
  4. B
  5. D
  6. B
  7. A
  8. B
  9. A
  10. C
  11. A
  12. C
  13. B


  1. A
  2. D
  3. D
  4. B
  5. B
  6. D
  7. D
  8. B
  9. B
  10. A


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