Tips before you start farm work

Fruit Picking jobs

Lately I have seen many jobs advertised for fruit picking jobs offering $1,000 plus per week. This sounds amazing BUT please be aware this isn’t always the case. Most fruit picking jobs are commission only and you will only be paid per kg which can be as little as $1 per kg.

So, I have decided to write a few tips below before you decide on a fruit picking or farm job:

Always ask questions:

  • What is the hours?
  • What is the pay rate (per hour or commission)?
  • How much staff do they have?
  • What date does the work start?
  • Do they provide accommodation? Cost?
  • What you need to bring (clothing ect)?
  • Is food provided or shops near by?
  • Is there internet or phone connection?
  • Do they provide transport to/from work?

It’s a good idea to always ask questions about the job before you go so you know what to expect. Do a google search on the company sometimes people write reviews on the working conditions. Try to find out as much as possible before you go to the job.


Always find out the exact location of the job. If you are going on your own share the location with a friend & let them know when you arrive. Keep in contact weekly with your friend/family so they know you are safe.

If you want to leave but can’t afford to always ask help from a friend or family.

Some international travelers will do their farm work to get a 2nd year visa or to just save money – always ask around to see if someone you or your friends know that can recommend a good farm job.

Farm jobs

There are many different farm jobs in Australia:

  • Nanny/ Childminder
  • Farm Hand
  • Fruit picking/ Packing
  • Animal shelter (regional only)
  • Cleaning
  • Bar work i a roadhouse(regional only)
  • Station Hand
  • Station Cook

Each job will have different duties depending what the company is looking for always read the job description before applying. Check on the government website to make sure the location (post code) of the farm qualifies as regional work.


Where to find farm work

From experience I found all my farm work from my hostel noticeboard (in the NT). I always took a friend with me to any interviews I had for farm work as I felt safer doing it this way (which I would recommend).

There are many different sites to find farm work Gumtree, Backpacker Job Board and Seek but as I said above find out as much information on the farm as you can before you make a decision.

What to expect on any farm job

Early mornings and hard work haha 🙂 Farm work can be exhausting with long hours BUT i can honestly say it was the best thing i ever did in Australia. I got to meet the most amazing people and had so many unforgettable experience. I was totally out of my comfort zone but such an amazing experience I am so happy that i made the choice to do my farm work in a cattle station.

I have lived in Australia for 10 years and in this time i have worked with 3 different farmers in 6 different stations (farms) in Qld, NSW & NT. I had never been on a farm before i came to Australia but i loved it that much i stayed on.




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