Thanks for the Lesson Mori

Yesterday one of our favourite Japanese students, Mori, took some of the other students for a surfing lesson.

Even though yesterday was one of the coldest days of the year here it is never too cold to surf in Byron Bay. After classes yesterday it was time for a school of another kind – Mori, one our Japanese students who is also an accomplished surfer, took a small group of students for a surfing lesson. The group included Yolanda from Spain who turned out to be what we would call “a natural”. She was able to stand up on the board on her first attempt and demonstrated the ability and style of an experienced surfer. Some of the students used the boards owned by GV Byron Bay. These surfboards are ideally suited to learning to surf and they can be used free of charge. Some students have their own boards – Arimu from Japan won the prize for the prettiest surfboard – hot pink!! Although Maeva only arrived at GV Byron Bay from Europe on the weekend she was quick to take to the surf and also proved a good student in the waves. She must have enjoyed it because she signed up for a surf lesson with Style Surfing and is out in the waves again today! 
Thanks a lot Mori on behalf of Tomoko, Arimu, Maeva, Yolanda, Suehee and your other dedicated students of the waves. The cold didn’t seem to worry them and they stayed in the water until the sun went down!
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