Thanks Damian! From all of us here at GV BYRON BAY.

I caught up with Damian today. Damian was really lucky yesterday and bet on the winning horse, and made over $400!! Go Damian!
Being the incredibly nice person that he is, he shared his winnings and bought everyone in the school a beer. (I think he is now the most popular student in GV)

I spoke to him about his experience here and this is what he had to say.

Hi I’m Damian…

I came to Australia too have fun and learn English. I really wanted to have some time off from my busy life at home, and to explore a new place and meet new friends in a different culture.

I have been here for two months and I study in the FCE class with teacher Andrew. He’s a great teacher because he teaches us with a lot of humour and makes the class interesting and dynamic. My class is small, (8 of us) nice and very lively and I think I have improved my English a lot.

I like GV Byron very much as there are a good number of people in the school which makes it very friendly. The students are generally very nice, the teachers are fun, Kate is awesome. We do a lot of activities that I have really liked such as beach soccer, Melbourne cup, the lighthouse tour and so on. They are well organized and lots of fun!

Thanks Damian, it’s a real pleasure to have you in the school. From all of us a heartfelt thanks!

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