Ten Pin Win

Last week a group of very merry students took a bus trip to the Noosa Ten Pin Bowling Centre.  Five teams bowled against each other for a chance to win a free team pass to the movies and a Tribal Travel Hinterland Day Tour prize for the highest score.

Tenpinbwoling 003

Tenpinbwoling 004

The scores were as follows:

Lane 6 Team: 221

Tenpinbwoling 008

  Lane 7 Team: 179

Tenpinbwoling 009 

Lane 8 Team: 319

Tenpinbwoling 0101

Lane 9 Team: 254

Tenpinbwoling 011

Lane 10 Team: 266

Tenpinbwoling 012

The student with the highest score from Lane 7
Team after 6 bowls, was our youngest student at the time, Tobias who is only 15.  He scored 81, 4 more points than Nina who finished with a total of 77.

Tobias won himself the Tribal Travel Hinterland Day Tour Prize and had a wonderful weekend.  It just goes to show we never stop having fun in Noosa!


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