Teacher Feature

Meet Meghan and Chris!

I’m originally from Canada and have only been in Perth a few months.  I love it here.  The people are really relaxed and welcome you like one of the family.

I’ve been teaching for a few years and really love it! I also teach physical education, physiology and nutrition.  I am an energetic and outgoing person and I embrace challenges and new opportunities.

GV Perth creates the true Scarborough Beach experience and its right across the road from my favourite surf break!

Hi my name is Chris.

My passion to teach just keeps on growing and growing. I’ve been teaching for a few years.  I spent several years travelling around the world visiting some amazing countries.  Maybe even yours?  Meeting people and learning their language and teaching them yours has always been a passion.

I really feel to be a good teacher you need to know your grammar; you need to be a fun person and most of all you need to be not just a teacher but a friend. I can’t think of a better job to have, I wake up happy everyday, my dream has come true.

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