Sydney – Part 1: Discovering the wonders of Sydney – 31 January 2024

Exploring Sydney: Awesome Excursions for Our Students at Lexis Manly!


Welcome to the breathtaking city of Sydney, where vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and endless adventures await! Today some of our teachers took their classes outside of the classroom and explored the wonders of Sydney! Our fun excursions offered students the opportunity to explore Sydney’s most famous landmarks, from the majestic Sydney Opera House to the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, as well as the beautiful Watsons Bay. 

Our teachers provided fascinating insights into the history of these renowned landmarks, giving students a deeper appreciation for their significance to the city and its people. At Lexis Manly, we believe in providing our students with not just an education in the classroom but also a hands-on experience that extends beyond the campus. That’s why this week our fantastic teachers organised exciting excursions around Sydney, allowing our students to immerse themselves in the beauty and diversity of this iconic Australian city.

🌿 Watsons Bay with our Beginner Class:

Our teacher Maria took her Beginners class to the beautiful Watsons Bay, located 20 minutes from the Sydney CBD. Together they went on a coastal walk through the headlands, had an awesome picnic and even went for a swim! Our Beginners class got the opportunity to really practice their English speaking and listening skills today, as well as their conversational skills. Our students had a wonderful day filled with discovery, adventure, and breathtaking natural beauty. For Blog 2 E1706687328232For Blog 3 E1706687427528For Blog 4 E1706687481699

🔆 Sydney Harbour Bridge with our Intermediate class: 

Our teacher Mick with his Intermediate class got to explore the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge! Together they hopped on a ferry from Manly to Circular Quay and enjoyed the scenic views of the Sydney Harbour. After their ferry ride, they got to explore the iconic landmark that makes our city so special – The Sydney Harbour Bridge! Have a look at their awesome photos!For Blog 2 1 E1706688463711

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💫 The Rocks & Pylon Museum with our PSG Advanced class:

Our teacher Cristian with his Premium Small Group (PSG) Advanced class discovered the historic laneways of the Rocks, and learnt about the history of the iconic landmark of Sydney – The Sydney Harbour Bridge. Their class then headed to the Pylon Museum, and gained a deeper understanding of its history, whilst enjoying panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour.

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Thank you to our curious students and great teachers who made our excursions so special!


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