Swiss Killers, Pink Party and Heavy Metal!

Students at GV Noosa have been maximizing their social life by attending the outrageous activities on offer this week. 

Six teams signed up for a thrashing volleyball competition and it was Swiss Killers team who took first place.  They each won a free movie pass to catch a latest flick at the Noosa 5 Cinemas.

Becky150910 037

The scores were as follows:

Game 1 : Hunky Punky vs Team Name

Winner: Hunky Punky 12 to 7

Game 2: Beginners vs Frenchies

Winner: Beginners 12 to 5

Game 3: Swiss Killers vs The Champions

Winner: Swiss Killers 12 to 8

Becky150910 029

Finals Game 1: Hunky Punky vs Beginners

Winner: Hunky Punky 12 to 4

Finals Game 2: Beginners vs Swiss Killers

Winner: Swiss Killers 12 to 6

Grand Final: Hunky Punky vs Swiss Killers

Winner: Swiss Killers 21 to 16


The Pink Party was a hoot at the Noosa Reef Hotel.  Snake Bites, jugs of beer and tequila shots were the shout.  Games of jenga, pool, Xbox and face painting kept the part goers occupied and entertained for hours.

Becky150910 070

Becky150910 038

Becky150910 081

Next week GV AFTER DARK will take place at the Nomads KB’s Bar.

To all of our amazement Joon-Ho from Korea ripped it on his electric guitar this afternoon.  It was a mental way to start the weekend and a good way to numb the brain after a hard week of study.  He uses a very intricate finger picking heavy metal style and the crowd he pulled was enormous!

Becky150910 086

Becky150910 095

Nadia also got up to play for the students.

Becky150910 093

 It’s been a big week for everybody here at Global Village Noosa and it wont stop there either.  Next week we have lawn bowls, fun olympics and speed dating to enjoy!  Many prizes will be given away so see you there!

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