Sunshine Coast – Student Interview – 1 March

Ainara is one of our students from Advanced class in Lexis Sunshine Coast. She is from Spain and today we interviewed her to find out more about her and her plans in Australia.




Why did you decide to come to Australia?

I came to Australia to study English and to have the official English Certificate but since my first month here I knew that I wanted to be here for a long time, and I would like to try to work here as a Social Worker which is what I studied at University in Spain.

For how long have you studied and are you planning to study more?

I started the course in the last week of September 2022, and I have been on holiday in December and January. Now I´m going to start the IELTS course to be ready for the IELTS test.
After school, I will try to work as a Social Worker and maybe in the future I will try to study for a Masters in a related field.

What would you like about the Sunshine Coast?

In my opinion, the best thing about the Sunshine Coast is the beautiful beaches. Also, the environment of the people who live here is. Is really a good place to live.
The Sunshine Coast is a small city where you can find all you need.

How is a normal day on the Sunshine Coast?

During the weekdays I wake up early to go to school in the mornings and after school depending on if I work or not, I like going to the beach or going to visit new places around the Sunshine Coast with my friends.

Have you tried surfing or other sports?

Yes! I want to learn to surf but is very difficult. I do wakeboarding in a beautiful place here on the Sunshine Coast.
I will keep trying surfing. I think that it could be a good sport to keep active and do some exercise.

If you had to give future students a tip, what would it be?

I would say not to be afraid. Even if you come here without a good English level, it´s pretty easy in this country to start working and learning English at the same time. Also, be open-minded, make an effort to meet a lot of new people and make the most of your time by visiting as many places as you can.
It´s important to know the best time to arrive. For example, September is a good month to come to Australia because there are a lot of job opportunities.


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