Sunshine Coast Secrets #1 – National Park

Why not get some exercise and enjoy one of Noosa’s unique features, our stunning National Park…?






Three great walks:

Palm Grove Circuit:  This is a 1km walk that winds its way through the rainforest section of the park.  This is one of the nicest places to be in Noosa on a hot day!

Coast Track:  A 5.4km walk along the stunning beauty of the National Park beaches.  On this walk, you will pass rainforest, open woodland and coast heath.  Keep you eyes open for the last of the year’s humpback whales, and watch the trees for one of our famous koalas.  Check out the water for sea turtles, too.

Tanglewood Track:  For a longer walk, take the 6.9km Tanglewood Track from the picnic area to Hell’ Gates.  This walk goes through rainforest, eucalypt woodlands and closed woodlands.

Do you want more information?  Drop into the Noosa National Park Information Centre, or visit .

Hint:  Check out some of the ‘secret’ beaches in the park….they are not necessarily on any of the maps!!  If you find them, you can most likely have a whole beach to yourself.

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