Sunshine Coast – Karaoke- 18 November

Friday afternoons are fun in Lexis Sunshine Coast.

Today we decided to sing, and we went to the Karaoke 

Karaoke originated in Japan and then went on to become really popular in other Asian countries. Before long, America and other European countries also began to take part in the social phenomena.


Sunshine Coast - Karaoke- 18 NovemberMost of us who have enough courage to sing out loud in front of a crowd during karaoke know how much fun it can be. But there are also numerous other advantages that it provides. Below, are some awesome benefits you can gain from singing karaoke.

The benefits of Karaoke: 

1. Karaoke gives confidence, not everyone is born with confidence when standing in front of a crowd.

It takes a lot of courage to stand up and sing in a room full of people. Even more so when you have to do it in front of a bunch of strangers. This is one of the reasons why singing karaoke builds so much confidence in those that do it. You also lose any shyness or shame you may have when you sing. Your self-confidence and self-esteem will increase dramatically by singing karaoke.

2. Karaoke helps you relieve stress and fatigue listening to music is for many people an effective stress reliever.

One of the greatest benefits to singing karaoke is the amount of stress it releases. Since singing usually makes people happy, the level of stress in your body is automatically decreased. At the same time, endorphins are released, and they help reduce both anxiety and stress.

3. Karaoke can improve breathing.

When someone has to sing karaoke, they usually have to use their whole body. In turn, this forces us to breath better and with more ease. The muscles from your diaphragm and lungs become fully expanded. In addition, you also cause your abdominal muscles to be more relaxed. That results in better breathing.

4. Karaoke revives memories.

Singing along to a song requires you to use the memory part of your brain. Even though the lyrics may be in front of you, you will automatically access the memories you have in your brain about the song. The other parts of the brain that are stimulated from singing are the learning and concentration part. All of them help with your memory

5. Helps show feelings and emotions:

Most people that decide to sing a song during a karaoke session, usually choose one that they really love. That means that the song they select has an emotional connection to them. Singing helps you show your feelings and emotions. Whenever we sing, we make the message in the song our very own. We also want to express the song using our own style and personality. Singing in front of people also lets you communicate with the audience in front of you.


Sunshine Coast - Karaoke- 18 November


We had a great time, and the students had fun and thought it was a good way to practice their speaking skills and pronunciation.

The list of songs we sang included:

Queen – Don’t stop me now
Bruno Mars – The lazy song
Ed -Sheran – Perfect
Shakira – Waka Waka
Aerosmith – I don’t wanna miss a thing
and many more!




Sunshine Coast - Karaoke- 18 November

Rannosuke amazed us all with his voice.





Everyone enjoyed our karaoke session!

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