Sunshine Coast – Graduation – 5 December

On Friday we said goodbye to Akira and Moe in Lexis Sunshine Coast

Akira’s Graduation

Akira has been in Lexis Sunshine Coast for four weeks. He has enjoyed surfing at Maroochydore beach every day. Now he wants to find a farm to work for his visa extension. Patricia, her teacher, said it had been a pleasure teaching him. Our pre-Intermediate class will miss you Akira!


Moe Graduation
Moe’s Graduation

Moe is graduating from the Advanced class. She started in Lexis earlier this year, she has been in Lexis Sunshine Coast for 8 months. We wish her the best! Safe travels back to Japan.

Andre Graduation


On Friday Andre came to pick her his Cambridge Certificate! Congratulations Andre! He has passed Cambridge Advance Exam with great grades!


Lexis Sunshine Coast is located just moments from the beautiful Maroochy beach and is one of Australia’s most attractive learning environments, providing outstanding study resources, recreational facilities and captivating views from our three floor campus. If you want more information on the courses that we offer, click here.


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