Sunshine Coast – Creative Paint ‘n Snack – 1 September

Our students unleashed their inner artists during Friday’s Snack ‘n Paint activity.

The students were super creative with their designs and produced some beautiful works of art!

Painting offers a myriad of benefits, both for the artist and for those who get to appreciate the work. Painting is a powerful tool for self-expression, allowing people to convey emotions, thoughts and experiences visually. It can also promote relaxation and reduce stress. Painting can boost self-esteem and confidence as one sees their creations come to life!

Our wonderful teacher Natasha guided the students through various painting techniques and styles to inspire their creative works.

Students Painting 6

The students had a wonderful time chatting and laughing with their friends, the workshop offering the chance to exchange ideas and inspiration with their peers.

Students Painting 4

Look at those happy, creative faces 🙂

Students Painting 3


Students Painting 2


Creative Painting Session

We were so impressed with the gorgeous art that the students produced! A splash of colour and different designs displayed around the room created a beautiful environment.

Look at the amazing end results:

Paintings 2 Paintings 4 Paintings 5 Paintings 6 Paintings 7 Paintings

After a creative afternoon of expressing themselves through art, the students were ready to enjoy their weekends, leaving behind some inspiration in the school air…


We definitely recommend a visit to Queensland Art Gallery for our art-loving students 🙂


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