Sunshine Coast – Celebrating our graduates! – 12 May

Today we celebrated 7 of our lovely students graduating!


Today we sadly have to say goodbye to 7 of our lovely students, though we are so sad to see them go, we are beyond proud to have seen them achieve their goals at Lexis!

Valmir: Valmir has been a student at Lexis for 46 weeks! He has worked hard to develop his skills and improve over this period of time. We will miss Valmir’s kind & gentle nature, but wish him all the best with the rest of his time in Australia.

Elga: Elga has been with us for 40 weeks! Melinda has loved having her in her class & values her contributions to the classes overall energy. All the best with your future Elga!

Camila: Camila has been with us for 48 weeks! She has worked particularly hard to develop her writing & speaking skills. Congratulations on all your progress and we wish you well with your future studies!

Worawit: Tom has been at lexis for 22 weeks and has been a particularly hardworking student & has progressed well. We wish him all the best with the rest of his time in Australia!

Hyung Jun: Hyung Jun has been here for 12 weeks and has studied very hard in the Upper Intermediate class. We wish him all the best with his TAFE studies!

I-Li: Elena has been a very dedicated student and has made great progress over her 10 weeks with us! We will be sad to see her go, but wish her all the best!

Ami: Ami has been with us for 12 weeks, and we have cherished every moment with her. We will miss her sweet & loving personality & she will be missed by the intermediate class. We wish her all the best with her time working and living in Australia!

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