Sunshine Coast Campus takes over @lexisstudents Instagram account

Every week a different Lexis campus gets to pick a student to take over the @lexisstudents Instagram account, and last week it was Lexis Sunshine Coast’s turn! This account has been created for students to have the opportunity to post pictures/video of their experiences studying with us in Lexis. We want students to showcase the fun they have in Lexis their classes, learning a language, with their friends, and what they do outside of Lexis. 

If you don't already, head over to Instagram and follow us - @lexisstudents

7 Insta

Thank you to Anabela from our IELTS class for taking some beautiful photos last week and posting them up onto the Instagram account.


‘The beautiful coastline.’


‘Farewell coffee with our IELTS teacher, Steve.’


‘Happy Easter!’ 


‘Out of town for the long weekend @Rolleston Caravan Park’


‘A long day hike with friends @Carnarvon Gorge.’


‘Enjoy the great hike and the beautiful Gorge @Carnarvon Gorge.’

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