Reading Improves Your English

Students are always asking me what they can do in their spare time to improve their English.

From left: Bandar, Awad, Eleonore and teacher Shannon


Research shows that reading increases your exposure to the English language which increases your vocabulary knowledge which MAKES YOU A BETTER ENGLISH SPEAKER.

The research strongly suggests that free reading is one of the best things you can do to bridge the gap from the beginning level to truly advanced levels.  Once you are confident reading English you will be more confident writing and speaking English.

  • Borrow a book from our library (Room 5) – it is free and works on an honesty system
  • If you are a long term student, join the Noosa Library. It is free and the mobile library van parks outside the school once a week.
  • Borrow a special graded reader from the GIL teacher
  • Read the free weekly local newspaper
  • Read magazines that interest you – sport, gossip, current affairs etc

Whilst you read:

  • Try to interpret new words from the whole meaning of the sentence
  • Write down new words in an exercise book and look up their meaning
  • Try to use the new words in your conversations.

So don’t wait, I just put a whole heap of new books into the Library, borrow one and ENJOY! 


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