Quicker than the Eye

Magic by Sean has been the biggest activity this year at Global Village Noosa.  Nearly 100 students attended the 2pm magic show on Monday.  Sean was quick on the tricks and the students couldn’t believe their eyes!

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Many moons ago, local Canadian author Sean Tretheway visited Noosa and fell in love with its beautiful beaches and surroundings.   Sean loved it so much, he decided to move here and find a job.

Sean soon found himself working behind one of the bars.  He always fancied a little magic and found himself entertaining customers from behind the bar with a trick or two.  It was then Sean realised he could make money out of performing magic tricks so he started a serious career as an illusionist http://www.magicbysean.com.  His new career sent him around the world.

On Monday Sean had GV students at Noosa marvelled for one whole hour with his illusionary flair.  Short ropes turned into long ropes, two rabbits multiplied into ten rabbits, blank cards turned into picture cards and a fifty dollar note turned into a five dollar note.

Liliane wrote her name on a ten-cent coin and gave it to Sean.  A few waves of the wrist and ‘ABRACADABRA’ the coin disappeared.

Who knows how the ten-cent coin with Liliane’s name on it ended up in a bag inside a matchbox, inside another bag tied up with a rubber band, inside another bag tied up with a rubber band, inside another bag tied up with a rubber band hiding inside his jacket pocket?  No one saw him put it in there.

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