Our one and only Roberta!

I had the great pleasure of catching up with Roberta today 🙂 

“Hey Everyone!! I’m Roberta from Rio Grande do Sul – south Brazil. I have been in Perth for 6 weeks and I am planning to be here for over a year if I can as I love it here.  At home I have been working as an accountant and at the moment I’m a little bit unsure of what I want to do in Perth, but I might possibly think of doing an accounting course here.

My first priority at the moment is to improve my English skills to a fluent level.  I am currently studying in the upper intermediate class and my teacher is Jay.  I’m so happy that he is my teacher as I think he’s a very talented teacher.  He really knows what he’s doing and we do a range of activities that make the class interesting and help us to feel engaged with the language. He’s also got a great sense of humour which I think really helps.

I currently have two jobs, one as a cleaner and another as a waitress. I got the first job in the first week that I was here (through social media!) and the other one through networking. Although at home I am an accountant I have found being a waitress to be really useful as I have to speak to all of the customers and practise my language which is fun.

I am living in a sharehouse about 15 minutes’ walk from the school. The people I’m living with are really nice so that’s great.

Perth itself is amazing; I really love it here! It’s beautiful, the beaches are incredible and I think the city is beautiful and more than anything really different from where I am from.  Although Perth is a big city, it has a laid back feel to it and isn’t hectic which suits me. I particularly like Scarborough as it’s near the beach and the sunsets are, well… wonderful!”

Thanks Roberta. So nice to hear this! 


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