Our Elementary class has an adventure! Francesco reports…

One of our great students gave me his report of their day out to the local aquarium. Great effort Francesco and thanks for sharing! 




I am Francesco.

I am taking an English course at Lexis English in Scarborough. Sam was my first teacher and she left Lexis last week. She proposed to the class to spend a day out to practice reading, writing, listening, speaking, and We decided to go to AQWA.

It was a fantastic day!!!

Sam prepared and divided us in five teams of two. AQWA is a beautiful buildings composed of six different areas. In every area there are many species of fish with their descriptions on the information tabs.

For each area, Sam prepared some questions for every team. We had to look at the descriptions on the information tabs or at the fish itself.

We had fun the whole day and we read a lot to try and find the answers. We also spoke a lot and wrote some descriptions and answered the questions, enjoying the wonders of nature!!!

It was a fantastic day and a great idea for learning English

Sam is a great teacher and at the end of the day we said to Sam:

“Sam …… you are the best!!”

Thank you, Sam.

Thank you Francesco! Great work!! 

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