Byron Bay – Celebrating our Brilliant Graduates – 14 April 2023

Today we are congratulating and celebrating 5 amazing graduates!

Luca is graduating from our IELTS class today. Luca’s teacher said that it’s been lovely having him in her class for the last month. Luca was a wonderful student who studied hard, asked the right questions and got on well with his classmates. His English has also improved a lot, in particular his understanding of grammar and how to apply it. We wish Luca all the very best for his future!

Ielts Graduate Luca
IELTS graduate Luca

Mai is graduating from our Intermediate class today. She has improved her knowledge of English and her ability to communicate a lot. She hopes that Mai gets to use her English in Okinawa. Her teacher also suggested to keep studying and she recommended watching programs in English with English captions so Mai can become more confident. We wish her all the very best. We’ll miss you.

Angele is graduating today from our Intermediate class. Her teacher said that it has been a pleasure to teach her. She was a very focused and respectful student. Angele has always worked hard in class and is graduating with a grade “A”. Congratulations! We hope Angele has enjoyed her time at Lexis and we wish her all the best in Sydney.

Intermediate Graduate Mai
Intermediate graduate Mai
Intermediate Graduate - Angele
Intermediate graduate Angele

Rico is graduating from our Pre-intermediate class today. Rico’s teacher really liked his positive attitude and he said that his willingness to participate in group activities was great to see. His English has become a lot better since he started at Lexis. Rico’s teacher suggested to keep practicing his English as much as he can. We hope you enjoyed your time in Australia!

 Tanja is also graduating from our Pre-intermediate class today. Tanja was a willing and engaged participant in class who was mastering the challenges of Pre-Intermediate level English really well. She enjoyed participating in group activities and excursions. Tanja always brought a positive attitude to class and worked hard at improving her English. We hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Australia!

Pre-Intermediate Graduates Tanya And Rico
Pre-Intermediate graduates Tanya and Rico


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