Noosa – Graduation Time! Saying Farewell to our Gorgeous Students – 11 August

Gorgeous Lexis English International Students Set to Graduate on August 11th.

As winter winds down, a spirit of achievement fills the air at Lexis English. On August 11th, a group of 11 international students will proudly graduate, marking the start of a new chapter.

These graduates have not only mastered English but have also embraced a new culture and formed lasting memories during their time at Lexis. The graduation ceremony honors their hard work, dedication, and the friendships they’ve made from around the world.

For many international students, studying abroad means more than just attending classes – it’s about diving into a new culture and expanding horizons. Lexis English has provided a space where students from diverse backgrounds come together, creating a vibrant community. From day one, students have experienced Australian culture while sharing their own traditions, fostering understanding and respect.

Let’s shine a light on these graduates – Valentina, Ai, Shuta, Okuyama, Stella, Saku, Sota, Shotaro, Rio, Mizuki, and Haruki – as they prepare to embark on the next chapter of their journeys.

Gorgeous Students At Lexis

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It goes without saying that all our students had an incredible time in Australia and are going to miss their teachers and colleagues very much.

Here’s what Shuta, our beloved student, wore at graduation today:

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The memories they created and the lessons they learned at Lexis English Noosa will forever be cherished, and they will always have a second home here among the Lexis family.

Farewell and good luck to this gorgeous group!

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