Noosa – Welcoming six new students – 12th February

We are thrilled to welcome six new students from Spain, Japan and Switzerland

Today, we once again extend a warm welcome to a lovely new group of students. Six fresh faces have now become part of our campus, ready to commence their English language journey in sunny Noosa.

Lexis Noosa’s General English program continues to be a popular choice, offering students a comprehensive and immersive language-learning experience. Originating from diverse corners of the world, this group of enthusiastic individuals brings with them bright minds and motivation, unique personalities, cultural perspectives, and languages to our dynamic environment.


Group Photo Scaled

In this photo: Dai, Esperanza, Ilaria and Ayumi. Lara and Loudes had already started their class by the time this photo was taken. 


We would like to welcome the following students:

  • Ilaria from Switzerland
  • Esperanza from Spain
  • Lara from Switzerland
  • Daijiro from Japan
  • Loudes from Spain
  • Ayumi from Japan

Representing various countries, each student brings a distinct story, cultural background, and a shared eagerness for a gratifying educational experience. Esperanza has come to Australia to improve her English. She loves playing sports and has already fallen in love with Noosa and the opportunity for her to surf and be active. Ayumi is a nutritionist from Japan and here to learn English. Ilaria has graduated from high school and is on a gap year, she wasn’t happy with her average English skills after graduation and is now hoping to improve her skills. Daijiro is a Japanese teacher, who helps migrants to learn Japanese; he is from a family of five and very excited to be here.

We are excited to welcome and embrace all of them into our community! Together, they will undoubtedly make Lexis English in Noosa a hub of global connections, fostering friendships that go beyond language studies. We can’t’ wait to support them on this exciting journey.


Welcome to Lexis Noosa, where language learning is an adventure!

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