Noosa – Welcoming 9 Wonderful New Students – 6th November

Let’s give a warm welcome to these 9 new students who are starting their journey at Lexis English Noosa!

As the gloomy, grey clouds paint the sky over Noosa today, Lexis English Noosa buzzes with excitement and anticipation as nine (9) new students begin their language journey. These new students have embarked on an extraordinary adventure, immersing themselves in the vibrant world of language and culture. Let’s introduce you to these newcomers and share the diverse stories that brought them to Lexis English Noosa.

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Back row from left to right: Mirco, Lia, Apolline, Hilda, Mai and Patrick. Front row from left to right: Luana, Hiroki and Asano

Mirco – Meet Mirco, a 20-year-old Swiss adventurer with a passion for exploration. He’s set his sights on a three-month study adventure in Australia, followed by an exciting three-month journey to explore the diverse landscapes and vibrant culture of the land Down Under. Mirco’s primary goal is to meet like-minded individuals, forging connections with people who share his enthusiasm for travel and a desire to immerse themselves in the rich Australian culture.

Lia – Meet Lia, a 23-year-old Swiss native who dedicates her days to a fulfilling job in daycare. Her commitment to her work has led her to embark on a 7-week English language learning journey, essential for her job requirements. Soon, Lia’s excitement will double as she anticipates the arrival of her friend. Together, they plan to explore the stunning East Coast of Australia for a thrilling 8-week adventure, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Apolline – Meet Apolline, a young Swiss girl with a unique journey. She dedicated four years to mastering the culinary arts through an apprenticeship and then pursued her passion for art through a Maturity of Art program. Now, she’s set her sights on learning English, with aspirations to travel and study interior design. In her free time, Apolline finds solace in hiking, standup paddleboarding, and immersing herself in the world of music. Her choice to learn English in Australia stems from her fascination with the culture and the allure of experiencing life on the opposite side of the world from her native Switzerland.

Patrick –  Visiting from Switzerland, is a sports enthusiast who finds his joy in running marathons, playing beach volleyball, and hitting the gym. In the winter months, you’ll find him gliding down the slopes on his skis. By day, Patrick is a buyer for a medical company specializing in disinfectants and soaps for hospitals. Six years ago, he was a student at Lexis, and now, he’s returned to further enhance his English skills for career growth. Unlike his last visit filled with extensive travel, Patrick is content with immersing himself in Noosa this time. He radiates contentment and shares warm wishes for his friends and himself to lead happy and healthy lives.

Luana – Hailing from Switzerland, Luana is a dance enthusiast who not only loves dancing but also teaches teenagers the art of dance. Besides her passion for dance, she enjoys staying active with gym workouts, jogging, and bike rides, often taking her dog along for leisurely walks. For the past three years, Luana has been a dedicated medical assistant, finding fulfillment in helping people. She aims to learn English to explore the world and enhance her career opportunities.

Hiroki – Hiroki, a boy from Japan, has a profound dream of visiting the Great Barrier Reef, making Australia his ultimate destination. His heart’s desire is to explore as many countries as possible, as Hiroki’s love for traveling knows no bounds. With a spirit of adventure and a dream of diving into the mesmerizing underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef, Hiroki is set to make his dreams a reality, one destination at a time.

Asano – Asano, a 24-year-old from Japan, had initially planned to move to Germany to master the language, but the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted her plans. Undeterred, she’s now set her sights on studying in Europe but recognizes the importance of improving her English skills first, which is why she’s chosen Australia as her starting point. In addition to her academic aspirations, Asano dreams of exploring Australia’s stunning underwater world through scuba diving. Looking to the future, she aspires to open her very own hot-yoga studio back in Japan, where she can share her passion for health and wellness with her community.

These nine newcomers have diverse backgrounds, goals, and aspirations, but they all share a common thread—a desire to improve their English language skills and engage with the world on a deeper level. Lexis English Noosa, located in one of Australia’s most beautiful coastal towns, offers them not only a dynamic language learning environment but also the chance to experience a unique cultural exchange. The picturesque surroundings, the welcoming community, and a dedicated team of teachers make their journey not just educational but truly transformative.

Noosa’s serene beaches, lush national parks, and vibrant culture create the perfect backdrop for our nine new students as they embark on their Lexis English Noosa adventure. Each of them brings a unique story, a personal dream, and a shared determination to conquer the world through the power of language. We eagerly await the stories they will create, the friendships they will forge, and the impact they will have on our Lexis English Noosa family.

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