Noosa – Welcoming 7 Wonderful New Students – 23rd October

Seven (7) new students at Lexis English Noosa!

The halls of Lexis English Noosa are buzzing with excitement as we welcome seven new students into our vibrant international community. Each of these students arrives with unique backgrounds, cultures, and dreams, contributing to the rich tapestry of our learning environment. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to these promising individuals and shed light on the transformative experiences they hope to achieve during their time at Lexis.

  1. Adria from Spain:
    From the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, Adria finds joy in playing football with friends, DJing music, and embracing the party spirit. His profession as a social educator, working with underprivileged kids, is not just a job but a passion. He firmly believes in helping people and sees great potential in the kids he guides. Fueled by a desire to escape the shortcomings of the Spanish education system, he chose Australia as the ideal setting to learn English among native speakers, drawn by its stunning beaches, pleasant climate, and rich cultural tapestry.
  2. Pol from Spain:
    Travelling alongside Adria, Pol hails from the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. For five years, he has nurtured a dream of exploring Australia, drawn by its sun-kissed beaches and delightful weather, which he believes makes it one of the world’s best destinations. As a dedicated head chef in Barcelona for nine years, Pol takes immense joy in crafting dishes that bring happiness to people’s lives. His ultimate dream is to open a beachfront restaurant in Australia, where he can witness breathtaking sunrises each morning and enjoy tranquil sunsets while grooving to chill music.
  3. Chiara from Liechtenstein:
    Chiara, from the picturesque country of Liechtenstein, nestled between Switzerland and Austria, has a passion for the great outdoors and skiing. With five years of education in tourism, she embarked on a journey to Australia as a demi-pair while attending Lexis to enhance her English proficiency. Her ultimate goal is to improve her English, enabling her to explore job opportunities and travel extensively across America after her Australian adventure.
  4. Jihyeon from Korea:
    Jihyeon has a knack for social drinking and indulging in TV shows. She’s set her sights on a dual mission in Australia: improving their English skills while working to save up for an adventurous exploration of the country. Among her dreams is to master the art of surfing in the sun-kissed waves of Noosa, an aspiration that encapsulates their desire for a well-rounded Australian experience.
  5. Suhyeon (Lilly) from Korea:
    Lilly is absolutely hooked on climbing, finding it both calming and energizing. Back in Korea, she works as a dental hygienist. This trip marks her first time in Australia, and she’s a bit anxious but mostly thrilled. Her main goals are to become more confident in speaking English, make new friends, and explore all that Australia has to offer.
  6. Sina from Germany:
    Sina, an architect from Germany, enjoys her free time by practicing yoga, cycling, cooking, and socializing with friends. Her job back in Germany involves reviewing building applications and ensuring that construction meets the necessary standards. With several visits to Australia under her belt, Sina has grown fond of the wonderful weather and laid-back ambiance. Her main goal now is to enhance her English skills, primarily to facilitate her travels and adventures.
  7. Celine from Switzerland:
    Celine went straight to class this morning as she joined our Cambridge CPE class. She will be apart of this class for 6 weeks before taking the Cambridge Exams in Noosa. This is Celine’s first time in Australia, and

New Starters

As Lexis English Noosa continues to grow as a hub for international students, we celebrate the unique stories and aspirations that each new student brings. This multicultural environment not only benefits the students but also enriches the experiences of our local community. The exchange of ideas and cultures fosters a deeper understanding of the world, making Lexis English Noosa a dynamic and welcoming place for learning.

We invite you to join us in welcoming these seven new students to Lexis English Noosa. We look forward to witnessing their growth, both academically and personally, as they embark on their educational journey with us. Together, we’ll explore new horizons, embrace diverse perspectives, and create lasting memories that will shape their futures and our community for years to come. Lexis English Noosa is thrilled to be part of their exciting journey.

From the team at Lexis Noosa, we wish all these students the very best for their first week here!

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