Noosa – This Week’s Wonderful Graduates – 12th May

Today we said farewell to 7 amazing students and celebrated their time here with us at Lexis Noosa!

Graduation celebrates the remarkable journey for our students, where they have grown both academically and personally. It’s a time to celebrate achievements, reflect on experiences, and look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

From Lexis Noosa, we say a huge congratulations to Ayano from Japan, Blanca from Spain, Chiaki from Japan, Damian from Italy, Haruki from Japan, Paula Atteneri from Spain and Rena from Japan.

Our graduates have worked incredibly hard, dedicated their time and effort for months and today, it’s finally paid off! We have loved seeing each of these students improve their English skills and hope they made lifelong memories at Lexis Noosa.

Rena And Robyn
Rena with her teacher Robyn.
Haruki And Kelly
Haruki with his teacher Kelly.
Paula And Mila
Paula with her teacher Mila.
Chiaki And Mila
Chiaki with her teacher Mila.
Ayano And Rob
Ayano with her teacher Rob.

Rena – Rena is from Japan and has been studying at Lexis Noosa for a total of 8 weeks. She graduated from her Pre-Intermediate class with her wonderful teacher Robyn. Rena is staying in Noosa for another 3 months as she fell in love with surfing here, and then she’s going to do some farm work for 3 months. We will miss Rena and wish her all the best in her future!

Haruki – Haruki is also from Japan and has been studying with us for a total of 8 weeks, graduating from Intermediate class. He is a surf fanatic, usually surfing every single morning before school. He is hanging around Noosa for a further 3 months and working at an amazing Japanese restaurant here in Noosa. After his time in Noosa, he will travel inland to do some farm work for 3 more months.

Paula – Paula is from Spain and has been studying at Lexis for 24 weeks! She started studying in General English and then moved into IELTS for her last 12 weeks. Paula is an incredible student, whom has been working so hard as she is going to study to become a doctor. Paulo is now off to Melbourne to sit her IELTS Exam so we wish her all the best for that and hope she kills it!

Chiaki – Chiaki is from Japan and has been studying for 12 weeks, graduating from IELTS Preparation. She is moving to Caboolture, which approximately 1 hour south of Noosa, to complete her 80 days farm work. We wish Chiaki all the best in Caboolture and her future.

Ayano – Ayano is from Japan and has been studying for 6 weeks, graduating from Elementary class. She says she has no idea what she is going to do now, but she looks forward to her next spontaneous adventure outside of Lexis. This is why we love Ayano and going to miss her free spirit!

We thank all of these graduating students for choosing Lexis Noosa and are honored to be a part of the English learning journey!

We hope they’ll always remember their time here and we wish them all the best for their future!

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