Noosa – Student Spotlight: Food & Coffee Connoisseur, Abdul Aghamdi from Saudi Arabia – 23rd March

At Lexis Noosa, we meet so many incredible students that make every day great!

Today, we are spotlighting one of our most outgoing and charismatic students in our school, Abdul Aghamdi from Saudi Arabia. He is a very hard-working student and is great at making the Lexis staff and his classmates laugh! Abdul is well-known for his daily iced lattes and love for food.

Abdul 1

About Abdul

Abdul is from a town in West Saudi Arabia called Jeddah. He studied a Law Degree at university and works in a Lawyers office. In the office, he works long split hours, from 9-3pm and goes back at 6pm and works until 8pm. He works on different crime cases and helps the Lawyers find information for their court cases. Abdul says he does like his job but he is now looking at studying Real Estate for a change.

Why Lexis Noosa?

Abdul explained how much he loves Lexis Noosa! He told me that he thinks the school has a great atmosphere and everyone is lovely. He says that he has had a very memorable experience at Lexis Noosa so far and has made many friends. Abdul explained that he loves his English classes because he loves how they incorporate games and fun into the learning. He also loves his teacher, Jessie,

“The teachers and staff are all so nice here!” 

Abdul 2

“The classes here are a perfect mix of learning and fun.”

Abdul’s life outside of school

Outside of school, Abdul likes to relax after his big day of English classes. “I drink coffee and go to the library. I don’t like the beach because it’s too hot and I don’t work in Noosa. On weekends I wake up in the afternoon, go to a Turkish restaurant and I know the owner. I am a regular at all of the restaurants I go to.” Abdul says he has tried most restaurants in Noosa and is a regular at his favourites. The staff always say “hello” to him and strike a conversation because he has become so well-known.

Most Memorable Noosa experiences

Abdul 3

“Everything here is special. Everything is a new experience and I love meeting people from different countries and cultures. But my favourite memory would be the scavenger hunt we did on the day before Christmas holidays. It was so much fun, it was crazy.”

Abdul’s top 3 restaurants in Noosa

Abdul is an obvious and proud foodie so of course, I asked for an expert’s opinion on the top 3 restaurants here in Noosa.

Abdul said his favourite is Taste of Instanbul, which is a Turkish restaurant that serves authentic Turkish food. On their menu, they have things like breads, dips, pizzas, kebabs and so much more. “Even after visiting Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast and Brisbane, this is one of the most authentic-tasting Turkish restaurants I have tried in Australia.”

Abdul’s second pick is Grill’d Burgers, a healthier burger place on Hastings Street. Grill’d is a busy spot, right near Noosa Main Beach, where they serve a variety of delicious burgers, fries, salads and more.

Abdul ranks his next favourite spot as a tie with Grill’d because he loves them both so much. His next recommendation was Depot Noosa Restaurant. Depot Noosa is a cafe styled restaurant located right on the water on Gympie Terrace. They serve yummy breakfast foods, healthy juices, tasty, sweet treats and of course, coffee.

What’s next after Lexis?

Abdul has many incredible and exciting plans after his time at Lexis. He will finish his course in June and after, will fly straight to Sydney for a holiday before flying back home to Jeddah for a couple of months. After spending quality time with family and friends, Abdul will make his way back to Australia at the end of the year and complete his Masters in Real Estate.

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Thank you Abdul for participating in our Student Spotlight!

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