Noosa – Sizzling Fun: School BBQ in the Park – 24th May

At Lexis English Noosa, we believe in blending education with unforgettable experiences. Today, we hosted a delightful BBQ in the park, bringing together our vibrant community of students and staff for a get together of food, fun, and fellowship.

The weather was on our side, with clear blue skies and a gentle breeze setting the perfect scene for our BBQ. Held at one of Noosa’s beautiful parks, right near the campus, the lush greenery and serene surroundings of Pinaroo Park added a special touch to the event. Students arrived with smiles, ready to enjoy a break from their studies and connect with their peers.



The aroma of sizzling sausages filled the air as our BBQ got underway, cooked by one of our very own classes. As students and staff gathered around the BBQ, conversations flowed easily, punctuated by laughter and the clinking of drinks.

No BBQ is complete without some fun and games! We organized a range of activities to keep everyone entertained. From friendly soccer matches to impromptu frisbee tosses, there was something for everyone. The relaxed atmosphere encouraged everyone to join in, whether competing in a game or cheering on their friends.

Events like our school BBQ are more than just social gatherings; they are opportunities to build connections and foster a sense of community. Students from different classes and backgrounds mingled, sharing stories and making new friends. It was heartwarming to see the Lexis Noosa family grow closer, united by shared experiences and mutual support.


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The BBQ also served as a cultural exchange, with students bringing traditional snacks from their home countries to share. It was a delightful way to learn about each other’s cultures and enjoy a diverse culinary experience. These moments of cultural sharing enrich our community, making it even more inclusive and dynamic.

To top it off, we also celebrated this week’s graduates after the BBQ. We would like to farewell the following students this week:

  • Akari from Japan
  • Charlotte from France
  • Ayda from Colombia
  • Andrina from Switzerland
  • Lukas from Switzerland
  • Nicole from Switzerland

We thank you all for your time at Lexis and wish you all the best for your next adventures.


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Our school BBQ and graduation in the park was a resounding success, leaving everyone with happy memories and full hearts. At Lexis English Noosa, we cherish these opportunities to come together, celebrate our diverse community, and create lasting bonds. Here’s to many more events that blend learning, fun, and friendship in the most enjoyable ways!

Thank you to everyone who participated and made the day special. We look forward to our next gathering and continuing to make Lexis English Noosa a place where education and enjoyment go hand in hand.



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