Noosa – Making our own delicious Easter-themed cocktails! – 29th March

We’ve combined two of our favourite things, chocolate and alcohol! With Easter just around the corner, we got creative making some delicious Easter-themed cocktails!

Yesterday, our students were able to bring out their inner-bartender, making some delicious Easter-themed cocktails! The girls were very happy with how they tasted!

Cocktails 3

We used some recipes from the internet for inspiration on some Easter-themed cocktails.

Cocktail number 1: The Toblerone

This Baileys and cream-based cocktail had a smooth and creamy texture with a rich and indulgent flavor and a hint of a Whiskey taste. We garnished this one with a chocolate syrup rim and chocolate shavings. Perfect for our sweet-tooths!

Cocktail number 2: The Peep

This Tequila and citrus based cocktail was very light, refreshing, and bursting with a tropical citrus flavor from the pineapple and orange juice. We garnished this one with a marshmallow and strawberries.

Cocktail number 3: The Chocolate Shot

We had a bit of fun making this one! We cut the tops off of some hollow chocolate eggs and used them as the shot glasses. The Chocolate Shot was similar to The Toblerone cocktail, with a Baileys and cream base. The sweetness of Baileys was balanced with the slightly bitter taste of Irish whiskey, which gave the shot an indulgent flavor.

Cocktails 2

Cocktails 5


Coming from a bartending background, Kira from Student Services taught everyone how to correctly assemble, shake and strain the cocktails. The girls were naturals! Chihana was very happy about perfecting the cocktail-shaking technique!

Cocktail Making

Cocktails 8


Making the cocktails was fun but tasting them was the best part!

Cocktails 1



Cocktails 7

We had so much fun getting into the Easter spirit and tasting delicious self-made cocktails!

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