Noosa – Making mouth-watering rocky road! – 15th March

Our students enjoyed being in the kitchen making some mouth-watering rocky road!

Yesterday, our students got busy in the kitchen and made some rocky road! Most of the students had never tried rocky road before and were eager to taste this sweet treat!

Rocky road is a delicious dessert that’s been around for years. Rocky road is a mix of chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts (like almonds), and sometimes other things like biscuits or coconut.

Rocky Road

Making rocky road is very simple. The chocolate is melted before mixing in all of your additional ingredients and then let it chill until it’s nice and solid. Then, you can break it into little pieces and snack away! Everyone’s got their own recipe, but the end result is always indulgent and delicious. Shikibu was very happy about eating the biscuits that were left over!

Rocky Road 1

Rocky Road 2

For our rocky road ingredients, we chose to add raspberry lollies, plain biscuits and marshmallows. Once everything was mixed in, we spooned our rocky road mixture into muffin pans ready to set in the fridge overnight. This is what the finished product of rocky road looks like:

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The finished product looked and tasted amazing! For our students that had never tried rocky road before, they were very pleased with how yummy it was!

We had a great time making and tasting this delicious, sweet treat!


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