Noosa – Katia Martos tells us about her Fraser Island Adventure – 28 November

Hello everyone,

Get ready for a firsthand adventure story! Katia Martos Losada from Spain, one of our Noosa Campus Students, is here to share her incredible experience on Fraser Island. She booked this unforgettable journey through Luca from Dundee Adventure Travel at Lexis Noosa, and she’s got all the details to transport you to the stunning landscapes and thrilling escapades of Fraser Island. So, buckle up and let Caterina take you on a virtual tour! 🌴✨

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K’gari! One of the wildest experiences that I have had in Australia!

It was fascinating to spend 3 days in this environment sleeping in a tent having a narrow contact with nature and having minimal amenities as not having water to shower but otherwise having wonderful lakes available.

First day started in the hostel Nomads in Noosa Heads. Here the first contact took place with those would be become my car mates. There were volunteers offered to drive until achieve the island. At first seems a bit scary the driving idea because of all the explanations that you are receiving from briefing part, but as always, leaving your comfort zone is exciting and when you try to drive through the sand then you don’t want to leave it.


Over the journey we were meeting each other, among 31 people from different countries, and this fact was rewarding. We split in 4 cars, 8 people in each car, and was more comfortable that I expected.

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Once arriving on Fraser Island, you will able start visiting different landmarks during 3 entirely days, always under taking over of the guide, Lake McKenzie (clear and fresh water), Eli Creek, Seventy-Five Mile Beach (the most enjoyable track to drive), Central Station (immersed in the jungle), Maheno shipwreck, to name but a few. Although having the choice of sleeping in a luxury accommodation, I loved the possibility to spent my time in a wilder environment, cooking meals by ourselves and could hearing and feeling the wind and some spark during nights. In addition, we just went to the camping for sleeping and having dinners, which they were funny because before and after we played some games offered by our guide called Hayden.

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Finally, from my point of view is the perfect trip to deepen in the Dingoos life and to discover more about these endemic animals having the opportunity to see them from very close.

When you spend a great deal time being contact with nature and you are able to receive its energy you realized how much it needs our protection to continue enjoying it.

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by Katia Martos Losada

And that’s a wrap on Caterina’s mesmerising Fraser Island adventure! 🌟 If her story has ignited the travel bug in you, and you’re eager to create your own unforgettable memories on Fraser Island, swing by at the Travel Desk in the school on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12 pm in Noosa and Monday and Wednesday from 12:00 at Lexis Sunshine Coast. Luca from Dundee Adventure Travel will be there to help you plan your own thrilling adventure. If not in school just write him an email to [email protected]

Come on over, and let the journey begin! 🌴✈️

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