Noosa – Heartfelt Welcome for 16 New Students – 4th March

Joining Our Lexis Family – 16 Students from Around the Globe!

Today marks another exciting occasion as we greet a delightful group of new students with open arms. Sixteen individuals have officially joined our campus and embraced the Lexis family here in sunny Noosa.

The General English program at Lexis Noosa remains a top pick, providing students with an enriching and immersive language-learning journey. Hailing from various corners of the globe, this enthusiastic group brings not only their diverse cultural backgrounds and languages but also their eagerness to learn and unique perspectives, enriching our vibrant community.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to the following students:

  • Ami from Japan
  • Jonathan from the Dominican Republic
  • Yuka from Japan
  • Ladina from Switzerland
  • Kotono from Japan
  • Cuma from Turkey
  • Mathieu from Switzerland
  • Kota from Japan
  • Kati from Germany
  • Giuliana from Germany
  • Myeongju from Korea
  • Fabio from Brazil
  • Camilla from Italy
  • Azzurra from Italy
  • Nicolo from Italy
  • Francesco from Italy

New Students

Representing various countries, each student brings a distinct story, cultural background, and a shared eagerness for a gratifying educational experience. Let’s learn a little more about our new students and see how their stories brought them to Lexis English Noosa:

Mathieu believes English is the most important language in the World and can open many doors and opportunities speaking the language. For this reason, and because his friends have said Australia is the most beautiful country, Mathieu chose to study here. After his short 4-week course, Mathieu will travel the west coast of Australia by himself.

Myeongju has previously studied English in middle school and high school and would like to keep improving her skills. She chose to study in Australia because of the beautiful warm weather year-round and because of our ocean sports like free-diving, scuber-diving and surfing.

Giuliana has successfully completed many degrees at university; however she wasn’t quite content and decided to pack her things and travel to Australia. After learning English and exploring Down Under, Giuliana would like to work as an app developer back in Germany.

Fabio lives in Australia with his wife and daughter and has decided to study English to improve his profession as a boat builder.

Camilla originally wanted to learn English in America, but due to Visa difficulties, decided Australia was the place for her! After her studies, she’ll like to become a fashion designer.

Azzurra and Nicolo had the idea to improve their English during COVID-19, and decided to set off together to Australia! They spent 7 months in Melbourne previously, where they worked in a restaurant which they loved as they made so many friends. Now, they are focusing on improving their English and extending their Visa’s so they can spend another beautiful year in Australia.

Yuka has a dream to become a dental assistant, therefore, English is very important for this career. She heard from friends that Australia is safe, warm and the people are always kind.

Francesco and Camilla are also a couple and have grand plans to travel the world, whilst working. Because of the travel bug they have inside, they believe that being able to speak English will help with all their future travel goals together.

Ladina completed the Cambridge FCE Certificate and has hopes of completing Cambridge CAE one day. For this reason, she would like to keep studying English so she doesn’t forget anything. In 6 weeks time, her friend from Switzerland will fly to Australia, and they’ll travel around Aus together.

Kotono believes studying is good for the soul and loves learning new languages. He has learnt to speak Korean and now his goal is English. He believes he has a long way to go, but is excited for the learning process and will try his best. In his future, Kotono dreams of opening his own cafe.

Jonathan works as a mechanic in his home country but has decided to learn English in Australia for a new experience, to meet new people and for a new lifestyle. He hopes, learning English will give him more opportunities for a better career.

Ami is in her final year of University and would like the opportunity to study abroad before it’s too late. She chose Noosa because of the beautiful beaches and the lifestyle here.

Kota has a major in Environmental Sustainable Enginering which solves dangerous environmental problems. He loves his job as he believes this will be the reason Earth will be living for so long. He chose to study English in Australia because of our native and special animals we have.

Cuma has travelled to Australia as he thinks it’s the best place to learn English. He would like to become a teacher when he returns home to Turkey.

Here’s to the beginning of a remarkable journey for our 19 new students at Lexis English Noosa – may their time here be filled with discovery, growth, and the joy of mastering a new language!

Welcome to Lexis Noosa, where language learning is an adventure!

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