Noosa – Happy Graduation Day – 8th March

It’s graduation day and we are celebrating 13 wonderful students today!

As yet another Friday afternoon comes to a close, we bid farewell to another wonderful group of Lexis students. Fridays evoke a mix of emotions here, with some students eagerly anticipating the adventures that await them, while others wish they could extend their stay. At Lexis Noosa, we’re more than just a school; we’re a family, and students form strong bonds with their peers and even their teachers. It can be heart-wrenching for some when it’s time to part ways, whether they’re the ones leaving or saying goodbye to friends who are moving on. The uncertainty of when, or if, you’ll reunite can add a bittersweet tinge to these farewells and graduation day.

However, graduation is mostly a day to celebrate. Throughout their academic journey, these thirteen students have not only embraced the challenges of education but have also thrived in many exciting cultural experiences that our Lexis family offers. From the early morning classes to the lively conversations during breaks and engaging afternoon activities, each moment shared with these students has been a precious memory. Their commitment to mastering a new language is truly admirable, and we take pride in acknowledging their dedication and perseverance.

Congratulations to these graduates of Lexis English Noosa – Friday 8th March 2024!
Rachel with her Cambridge CAE teachers Phil and Eileen.
Reina and her Upper Intermediate teacher Chanelle.
Graduation Day
Mikuri, Evance, Ilona and Cristina with teachers Phil, Jessie and Chanelle.
Lisa with her Intermediate teacher Kelly.
Matsuri and Akua with Elementary teacher Kimberley.
Jaehoon (Jack) with all of his teachers Kelly, Eileen, Mila and Jessie.
Jack and IELTS teacher Mila.
Natsuki and Pre-Intermediate teacher Emily.

Saying goodbye is always difficult but hearing about their achievements throughout their time here and witnessing how far they’ve progressed, is truly special. Let’s take a quick look at each student’s progression and hear about their exciting plans they now have after their studies.

Mariko has been at Lexis Noosa for 39 weeks, starting in Elementary level and has now finished in Pre-Intermediate. She has continuously worked hard and tried her best at everything. Best of luck with your future Mariko!

Reina has also been a long-term student here, having completed 40 weeks of English classes. Reina has progressed from Elementary to Upper Intermediate and we are so proud of her achievements. Reina is now going on a celebratory trip to Korea with her mum, before returning to Japan. Reina works in a primary school, working in the special needs department. We are so proud of you Reina!

Lisa has been a part of our Lexis family for 24 weeks and has also progressed from Elementary to Intermediate. Her teacher has said her English has ‘blossomed’.  She is continuing her studies at Lexis, however off on a new experience to Byron Bay. We will miss Lisa and wish her all the best in Byron and her English learning journey.

Rachel completed 12 weeks of General English and then a dedicated 10 weeks to studying Cambridge CAE. Rachel has always been determined and hard-working and we know she’ll achieve great things in her future! Rachel is heading home to Switzerland to take the CAE exam which we’re confident she’ll exceed in – Goodluck Rachel!

Cristina has completed 8 week of advanced English lessons. Her smile and warm personality will be missed around here. Cristina will travel parts of Australia before returning home. Safe travels Cristina.

Ilona joined us 9 weeks ago and progressed quickly from Upper Intermediate to Advanced. She participated in many activities throughout her time here including our weekend tours. Ilona is a like a ray of sunshine and lights up any room. She’s off to Byron Bay and we wish her all the best!

Jaehoon (Jack) completed 16 weeks in General English and 16 weeks in our IELTS course. He is a consistent, hard-working student who is always willing to help others with his laid-back personality. Jack is kind and caring and it just won’t be the same without him!

Akua has studied at Lexis Noosa for only 8 weeks, however it has felt like much longer! He’s been the life of the school, and always making us laugh! Akua joined almost every single activity, with his mate Yuuki, and together turned dull moments into bright ones!

Evance has studied with us for 8 weeks and graduated from Advanced class. She is such a sweet soul and always looks happy. We will miss you dearly and wish you all the best of your travels around Australia!

Natalia origanlly enrolled for 1 week in PSGT at Noosa, but decided that was not enough and extended another 3 weeks. Natalia has expeienced and seen more of Noosa and the Sunshine Coast, then many locals that live here. It has been so nice having her here with us!

Mikuri started her English journey 40 weeks ago – starting in Elementary and graduating from Advanced class and we couldn’t be more proud of her! Mikuri has been dedicated, always staying back to study and attending workshops to help improve her skills. She had a goal and boy did she kill it! Not only has she achieved great results academically, Mikuri has won all our hearts. She’s always giving us a big wave hello or goodbye and always cracking jokes and making us laugh. We will definitely miss Mikuri around Lexis Noosa. She is now off to explore Melbourne and Uluru and we wish her all the best for her travels!

Natsuki completed 5 weeks with us and has been such a beautiful person to have around the school. She’s delightful, always smiling and it’s been an honour having her here with us. Natsuki is straight back to Japan tomorrow and will jump back into work next week as a Physiotherapist.

Matsuri has only been with us for a short 3 weeks, progressing in Elementary. She’s made great friendships in class as she’s known as a bit of a joker! We wish her all the best in her future.

To our graduates, we extend our heartfelt wishes to you all! Congratulations, and we hope you cherished your time at Lexis Noosa.

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