Noosa – Halloween cupcake decorating – 1st November

On Friday last week, the students decorated cupcakes for Halloween.

It’s that time of year! Halloween has rolled back around so of course; we chose a Halloween themed activity.

The cupcakes were homemade by teacher Jessie and then the students got creative decorating them with different coloured fondants.

Hcd 3Here’s what some of the cupcakes looked like. Each student chose their own design and decorated them however they liked, there were no rules except of course, that their creations were to be Halloween themed.

Hcd 6

As you can see, the students had a blast creating different shapes and designs with coloured fondant. The students had to roll and cut the coloured fondant into different shapes and sizes to make the decoration they wanted with a little help from Jessie.

Hcd 1

Most students decorated their cupcakes using traditional Halloween inspiration, however one of the students decided to create an Australian Halloween themed design. She created a human shark attack on her cupcake, something that she feels is scarier than a ghost or vampire.

Hcd 2

Above is the finished product of the cupcakes. The decorations look incredible and more importantly, the students reported that they tasted even better.

The students had so much fun getting creative with Halloween cupcake decorating.

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