Noosa – Graduating students – 17th February

On Friday, ten of our amazing General English students graduated from Lexis Noosa.

Friday is graduation day at Lexis where we celebrate and congratulate all of our students that complete their English course. This week we are congratulating and celebrating ten of our amazing students for their hard work and dedication.

We are saying goodbye to: Kotone, Heidi, Beppi, Nelson, Emilien, Livio, Nami, Christian, Dona and Laura.

Kotone is graduating from the Elementary class. Kotone has spent only a couple of weeks studying at Noosa but we have enjoyed getting to know her.

Elementary Grad 1

Christian, Nelson and Dona are graduating from the Intermediate class. All of these students have been here for a few weeks, and we have loved seeing their contribution to the school.

Intermediate Grad 1

Nami is graduating from the Upper-intermediate class. Nami is a quiet achiever and works hard to improve her English. She is a very polite student and will be missed by everyone.

Upper Intermediate Grad

Emilien and Livio are graduating from the Advanced class. Emilien has been here for a short time, however he has quickly made lots of friends with his outgoing personality that we will all miss. Livio has made a big contribution to our school with his outgoing personality. We have loved seeing his English improve and wish him all the best for the future.

Advanced Grad

Laura, Heidi and Beppi are not pictured but also graduated on Friday. Laura is a focused and dedicated student and we have enjoyed watching her English improve in her time here. Her classmates and teachers will all miss her friendly personality. Heidi and Beppi have spent their time in our PGST class. We have loved getting to know them throughout their time here and wish them the best.

The Lexis Noosa team has enjoyed watching all of these students improve their English and we wish them the very best for their future.

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