Noosa – An Exciting New Journey of Language – 27th November

A Journey of Friendship and Learning: Four Girls Embark on a Language Adventure at Lexis English in Noosa!

Embarking on a new chapter of life is always an exciting adventure, especially when it involves learning and exploration. For four girls, their journey led them to the picturesque town of Noosa, Australia, where they eagerly began their language courses at Lexis English.

Let’s give a warm welcome to Nina, Maria, Jenifer and Claudia!

New Starters 2As the students approached the Lexis English campus, they were greeted by a warm and friendly atmosphere. The staff, known for their hospitality, extended a heartfelt welcome, easing any first-day jitters the students may have had. The orientation session provided a comprehensive introduction to the academic structure, campus facilities, and the vibrant community they were about to become a part of.

Let’s get to know these lovely ladies more…


Claudia from France:
Claudia Photo








Meet Claudia, a vibrant young girl from the enchanting city of Paris, France. Family and friends hold a special place in her heart, and she cherishes moments spent with them. Currently residing in Australia, Claudia is working while pursuing her studies, a testament to her determination and commitment to making the most of her time in this new land. With aspirations in the field of marketing, she understands the importance of mastering English for her career. Once her studies are complete, Claudia plans to embark on an Australian adventure, exploring the diverse landscapes and vibrant cities with her friends, creating lasting memories in the Land Down Under.

Jenifer from Spain:
Jenifer Photo

Meet Jenifer, an adventurous lady hailing from Spain. Her love for the outdoors is evident through her hobbies, ranging from hiking and mountain climbing to hitting the gym. However, her true passion lies in water sports, particularly wakeboarding and surfing, where she feels the exhilaration of the waves. Jenifer also enjoys the rhythm of music and dancing, though she reserves this joy for the comfort of her home, away from prying eyes. Despite leaving school at the age of 16, Jenifer recently achieved a significant milestone by completing her studies and obtaining a degree in Legal Management, a decision spurred by her desire to move beyond bartending. Proud of her accomplishment, she is now equipped with the knowledge to pursue a career aligned with her aspirations.

Maria from Argentina:
Maria Photo

Meet Maria, affectionately known as Sole, an adventurous soul from Argentina on a mission to learn English in the captivating land of Australia. Identifying herself as a true traveler, Sole finds joy in outdoor activities like bike riding, running, trekking, and swimming, relishing the beauty of nature. Alongside her love for the outdoors, she enjoys the quiet pleasures of watching movies and delving into romantic or historical books. A proud graduate in dentistry, Sole made the bold decision to relocate to Berlin due to safety concerns in Argentina. During her three-year stay in Berlin, she worked as a dental assistant, gaining valuable experience. Now, in Australia for the year, Sole is excited to hone her English skills and explore the wonders of this beautiful country, embracing the opportunity for new adventures and cultural experiences.

Nina from Switzerland:
Nina Photo

Meet Nina, a creative and industrious girl from Switzerland who recently transferred from Lexis in Brisbane. Beyond her academic pursuits, Nina has a unique talent for drawing tattoos and often creates designs for her friends to be inked by a professional tattoo artist. Previously working as a house painter, she brings her artistic flair to both her professional and personal life. Having studied architecture back in Switzerland, Nina recognizes the significance of English as a crucial language, not only for daily communication but also for advancing her academic and professional goals. Her focus on mastering English is driven by the desire to make university studies more accessible. In the future, Nina aspires to achieve fluency in English and gain a solid understanding of grammar, paving the way for the possibility of pursuing an English degree in Australia.

The first day at Lexis English in Noosa marked the beginning of a journey filled with exploration, learning, and personal growth for these four students. As they settled into the rhythm of their courses, connected with their peers, and embraced the cultural richness of Noosa, it became clear that this was not just an academic venture; it was an immersive experience that would shape their perspectives and open doors to new possibilities in the world of language and beyond.

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