Noosa – Delicious Beer Tasting – 11th June

A fun afternoon participating in an ultimate Aussie beer tasting!

Today, a group of Lexis Noosa students had a fantastic time after their classes! They participated in a fun and delicious event — an iconic Aussie beer tasting!

Beer Tasting6

What’s a Beer Tasting?
A beer tasting is an event where people try small amounts of different beers to see how they taste. It’s like a party for your taste buds!

The Exciting Afternoon
After finishing their English classes, the Lexis Noosa students were ready for some fun, especially for a mid-week break. They headed to the beer-tasting event, eager to try something new. The tables were set with snacks, and there were many iconic beers from Australia to try. The lineup included:

Beer Tasting1

Snacks Galore!
The tables were also covered with yummy bar snacks like salty chips, crunchy nut mixes, and sweet lollies. These snacks were perfect for munching on between sips of beer.

Tasting the Beers
Each student received small glasses with just a little bit of beer in them. They tried beers with different flavors—some were light and refreshing, while others were rich and strong. It was exciting to see everyone’s reactions as they tasted each one!

Scoring the Beers
As a group, the students then had to talk amongst each other and score each beer out of 5 on the categories below:

  • Aroma
  • Appearance
  • Drinkability
  • After Taste
  • Overall Impression

By the end of the tasting experience and based on the score card sheets, the overall winner was the mighty Great Northern from QLD. Not far behind was Carlton Dry and VB and the least favourite today, was the Hahn Super Dry.

Beer Tasting7

A Wonderful Experience
The beer tasting was a great way for the Lexis Noosa students to relax and enjoy themselves after a day of studying English. They got to know each other better, practiced their English, tried some iconic beers and had a lot of fun!

Beer Tasting5 Beer Tasting Beer Tasting2 Beer Tasting4 Beer Tasting3

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