Noosa – Congratulations to our wonderful graduates – 15th March

Today we held an extra special graduation ceremony in the park, as part of our school BBQ. After a delicious BBQ lunch, we bid farewell to another wonderful group of Lexis students.

Fridays can be a mix of emotions at Lexis Noosa, as some students eagerly anticipate upcoming adventures, while others wish they could stay longer. It feels like a tight-knit family where strong connections form among students and with their teachers. Saying farewell, can be an emotionally charged experience for some. The uncertainty of when, or if, reunions will happen adds a bittersweet tinge to these farewells and graduation day.

Nevertheless, graduation primarily serves as a celebration. Along their academic journey, these graduates not only tackled the challenges of education but also thrived in the diverse cultural experiences our Lexis family offers. From the early morning classes to lively conversations during breaks and engaging afternoon activities, each shared moment with these students is a cherished memory. Their commendable commitment to mastering a new language fills us with pride as we recognize their dedication and perseverance.

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Congratulations to these graduates of Lexis English Noosa – Friday 15th March
  • Ami, Chiyoko & Yu from Japan
  • Olga & Nicole from Paraguay
  • Kati from Germany

Our Cambridge graduates unfortunately missed out on the graduation ceremony and BBQ today. So here is still a special mention to them. We are so proud of your achievements and wishing you all the best for the future!

CAE Class:

  • Karin, Oscar, Ines & Naja from Switzerland
  • Maria from Ecuador
  • Ludivine from France
  • Carmelo from Italy
  • Alvaro from Spain
  • Jade from Belgium

FCE Class: 

  • Jonas, Kathrin, Tim & Chloe from Switzerland
  • Manoa from France
  • Raphaelle from Belgium
  • Mayu & Saori from Japan


Thank you all for making our campus vibrant and diverse, we loved having you all here and will miss you dearly.


To our graduates, we extend our heartfelt wishes to you all! Congratulations, and we hope you cherished your time at Lexis Noosa.

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