Noosa – Commemorating Our Wonderful Graduates – 25th August

This afternoon, we rejoiced in the accomplishments and breakthroughs of 44 adored students from Lexis Noosa!

Education marks a profound voyage that empowers individuals to unlock their potential, embrace a variety of cultures, and realize their aspirations. As their English journey draws to a close, it is a moment to honor the remarkable achievements of these graduating students. They’ve not only conquered language barriers but also forged enduring companionships and unforgettable experiences.

Today, we bid a heartfelt farewell to 8 students who excelled in their General English courses:

Saki, Mizuki, Gabriella, Natsuka, Sayaka, Otoe, Alvaro and Laetitia! 

A huge applause to these General English students for their unwavering diligence and dedication during their tenure at Lexis Noosa! We extend our farewells and best wishes to this splendid cohort!

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From our Teenage Activity Program (TAP), we also say adios to these 36 exceptional students:

Coco, Momoko, Sena, Kai, Rei, Anna, Takaya, Ayaka, Ryuto, Koko, Sakura, Miyu, Fuyumi, Ayuri, Rinka, Yuki, Rene, Ryuki, Julius, Yuto, Koharu, Kei, Mitsuki, Shogo, Haruhisa, Takatoshi, Yuki, Takumi, Momori, Chisuzu, Kanade, Clementine, Erhart, Ajda, Urh and Mak! 


For countless international students, studying overseas signifies more than just attending classes – it entails immersing oneself in a new culture and broadening one’s horizons. Lexis English has provided a realm where learners from diverse backgrounds unite, forming a vibrant community. From the outset, students have embraced Australian culture while sharing their own traditions, fostering mutual comprehension and esteem.

The memories they’ve created and the wisdom they’ve gained at Lexis English Noosa will forever hold a special place, offering them a second home within the Lexis family.

Lexis Noosa extends its utmost well-wishes to all these accomplished graduates!

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