Noosa – Colorful Candle Making Afternoon – 25th October

Lexis English Noosa Students Get Creative with Candle Making

Learning a new language is a journey that opens doors to new experiences, cultures, and opportunities. At Lexis Noosa, our students recently embarked on a creative adventure by making candles from candle-making kits, forging connections and making memories along the way.

Candle-making is a centuries-old craft that transcends language barriers, and it’s a wonderful way to introduce our international students to Australian culture and traditions. Our students come from all corners of the globe, and candle-making offers a unique opportunity for them to bond while crafting something beautiful together.

Candles Candles1 Candles2The experience began with each student receiving their candle-making kit, complete with all the essential materials. These kits contained blocks of wax, wicks, a variety of colored dyes, fragrances, and simple step-by-step instructions. With everything they needed at their fingertips, our students were ready to embark on their candle-making journey.

The students’ enthusiasm was tangible as they gathered around the candle-making stations, eager to create their own unique candles. The step-by-step instructions were easy to follow, even for those who had never tried their hand at candle-making before. As the students melted the wax and added their chosen colors and scents, the room filled with laughter and camaraderie. Language barriers seemed to fade away as they communicated through shared smiles and the universal language of creative expression. The joy of crafting something beautiful together brought the students closer, fostering a strong sense of community and friendship.

With their creativity in full bloom, the students produced an array of unique and beautiful candles. Some opted for elegant and simple designs, while others experimented with vibrant colors and patterns with a beautiful rose fragrance. These candles were not just objects; they were expressions of the students’ personalities and experiences, encapsulated in wax and wick.

Candles3 Candles4 Candles5 Candles6 Candles7 Candles8 Candles9 Candles10 Candles11 Candles12

The best part of this activity is that it didn’t end in the classroom. These candles are more than just decorative items; they are keepsakes infused with memories. The students took their handmade candles with them, allowing them to cherish their experiences at Lexis English Noosa, both during and after their studies.

In conclusion, the candle-making experience at Lexis English Noosa reflects our commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience. Learning a new language is about more than just grammar and vocabulary; it’s about engaging with culture, people, and the environment. Our candle-making sessions provided students with the opportunity to connect, express themselves, and learn about Australian culture in a fun and memorable way.

These candles represent not only the beauty of creativity but also the warm connections and experiences students form during their time at Lexis English Noosa. They are the tangible embodiment of the light that language learning brings into the lives of our students, illuminating their journey and memories created along the way.

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