Noosa – Celebrating our graduating students – 16th December

On Friday we celebrated 7 of our General English students for completing their English courses!

Every Friday we say goodbye to our graduating students who have finished their English studies at Lexis Noosa. On Friday, 7 of our students were celebrated as they graduated their English courses. We said goodbye to: Yuya, Melina, Louna, Mengsi, Elisa, Chiara and Laura.

It has been wonderful seeing each of these students improve and progress their English Skills over their time at Lexis.

Graduating from the Elementary class is Louna and Mengsi. Mengsi was the youngest General English student in Noosa and bought so much joy to everyone at school! Louna was a pleasure in class and everyone will miss her competitive spirit.

Elementary Grad

Graduating from the Intermediate class is Chiara and Laura. Chiara was a dedicated and hard-working student and as a result, her English improved so much in her time here! Laura has been an absolute pleasure to have at our school, she is a dedicated and fast learner and her English has improved greatly.

Intermediate Grad

Graduating from the Upper Intermediate class is Yuya and Melina. Yuya has been a very dedicated and hard-working student, we have all loved watching his English improve, especially his confidence in speaking! Melina is a quick and enthusiastic learner and we wish her all the best travelling around Australia!

Upper Int Grad

Graduating from the PGST class is Elisa. Elisa has been here for 2 weeks but we have loved getting to know her in that short time, she has been such a joy to have at our school.

It has been a pleasure having each of these students at our campus and will miss them all!

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The Lexis Noosa team has enjoyed watching all of these students improve their English and we wish them the very best for their future.

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