Noosa – Celebrating 10 Excited Graduates – 16th February

Farewell to 10 amazing graduates from Lexis Noosa!

Today, we said goodbye to nine remarkable graduates from Lexis Noosa. Following the love-filled atmosphere brought by Valentine’s Day this week, it was particularly bittersweet to say goodbye to these wonderful students. Throughout their academic journey, these nine students have not only embraced the challenges of education but have also thrived in many exciting cultural experiences that our Lexis community offers. From the early morning classes to the laughter-filled conversations during break times and fun afternoon activities, every moment spent with these students has been a cherished memory for us. Their dedication to learning a new language is genuinely inspiring, and we take pride in recognizing their hard work.

To our graduates, we extend heartfelt best wishes. Congratulations, and we hope you cherished your time at Lexis Noosa.


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Saying goodbye is always difficult, but hearing about the exciting plans our students have after completing their studies, makes it all a little bit easier.

Here is a short summary of their adventures laying ahead:

Misaki is not in a hurry to go home yet, she is planning a trip to Brisbane and then Cairns in the hope to find work. Her ultimate goal is to move to Melbourne and find work as a Barista. Fredy has only studied with us for two weeks and he’s now going on a two-month holiday before starting a Business course with Lexis. Yuri is going to Uluru tomorrow and then also heading to Cairns to do some diving before returning home to Japan. Cora has a huge journey ahead of her with plans to travel to Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, New Zealand and Japan.

Yumi has been with Lexis Noosa for one year and will be dearly missed by all of us. She has gone up steadily in her classes from Intermediate, through Cambridge FCE and CAE, to IELTS and has always been a class favourite for our teachers due to her positive attitude and big smile. Her plan is to travel to Cairns to go diving, fly over the Great Barrier Reef, visit the Whitsundays before returning to Japan. She will be missed dearly here!

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