New Business English course

Business English Course

Monday November 24th to Wednesday December 24th


A four week intensive course for students who need English for their work or who wish to work in English speaking countries



The course will provide a wide range of business settings and situations in which students can practise and improve their communication skills in English and become more confident, more fluent and more accurate.



Monday 9 am to 3 pm

Tuesday 9 am to 2 pm followed by GIL from 2 pm to 3 pm

Wednesday 9 am to 2 pm followed by GIL from 2 pm to 3 pm

Thursday 9 am to 2 pm followed by GIL from 2 pm to 3 pm

Friday 9 am to 12.20  pm followed by Activity or Grammar Workshop 1 pm to 3 pm or later



Each week will include the following:


·     Integrated activities to include reading, listening and writing tasks as well as discussion, problem solving and presentations.

·     Role Play will involve simulated telephone conversations, email and MSN Messenger conversations and work place situations. Role plays are done in pairs or small groups so that everyone has a chance to participate.

·     Vocabulary is introduced through context and exercises and includes the functional language required in business situations.

·     Visits to local businesses


Topics Include:


          Working Internationally

          Techniques for using the telephone in business.  Business technology.

          Writing summaries, notes and reports.  Informal and Formal meetings.

          Work place environments. Team work and health and safety

          Ordering and supplying goods and services

          Complaints and Feedback.  Cash flow and Invoicing.

          Market Research, promotion and advertising


          Giving instructions and explaining and describing operations.

          Special Project Presentations using Power Point.


If you would like more details about this course, please speak to Becky or Nina.




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