Nadja & Friends Fraser Trailblazer Tour

Fraser Island

Awesome Island Adventure


We left in the morning at 8 o`clock at the Koala. We were nine people who enjoyed the whole weekend together. We went driving on an awesome 4WD- track and we had a lot of fun in the car. Also the tour guide made funny statements during the whole tour.

The first stop was at Rainbow Beach for buying alcohol and different things for the journey.  With a ferry we crossed  the pacific from Rainbow Beach to Hook Point.  We tried to take pictures of  the dolphins, who were jumping out of the sea.  On Fraser Island we drove along the beach to the beach house. We stayed at the base camp FRASER TRAILBLAZERS for one night. It was so nice because we slept in big tents, but under a roof  and we didn`t get wet.  At the camp was a big living room with TV, kitchen and tables for having nice meals.

On Saturday afternoon we went to Lake Wabby. Wetook a short walk around 30min. The first part was in the rainforest and the last part was through a little desert. The lake was sooooooooo beautiful. Sometimes you can see turtles in the lake. We were swimming all together in the lake. We swam from the beach to a little sand island  across the fresh water lake.  It was raining but  we had a good time in the water.  It wasn`t hot, it was the right temperature and weather to relax in nature.  After that we drove on the track through the forest to visit the famous Maheno Shipwreck.

The next stop was Eli Creek.  This is a river where you can swim from inland to the beach shore.  On the same tour we saw the Pinnacles.  They have such a nice colour.  This Saturday trip was finished and we went back to the base camp.  After that the tour guide cooked a delicious dinner for us: Aussie BBQ with quality Beef Steaks, Sausages, taste of kangaroo and variety of salads. With full stomach we listened to the stunning music from Nadia. We decided to go to the pub for dancing. The pub was awesome:  it had a great dance floor, a pool table, a swimming pool and a lot of space for having a party.


In the morning we were strolling in the rain forest. It was a relaxed walk and we rechargedour batteries. Before lunchtime we were visiting the Lake Birrabeen. It was a great feeling with the white sand and the sun. We went back to the base camp for having lunch. After lunch time we were packing all our stuff and put it on the top of the car. We took the ferry back to Rainbow Beach and were planning to take the highway back home but the rain flooded the roads of the town Gympie so we were “forced” to take the beach way home. No one complained.

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