My new life in Australia – Update from Yula

Hi everyone at G.V.  This is YULA.  I used to study at GV several months ago just like you guys.  I am just visiting CALOUNDRA again for a holiday from MELBOURNE.  I have been in AUSTRALIA for about 10 months now and I have done many things such as travelling,studying and working as well.

It has been quite an adventure and I have had a lot of challenges. Whatever I do ,wherever I go , I always do my best and try to enjoy myself.  Wherever I go, I always think CALOUNDRA is the best place, because it feels like my hometown in Australia and because of GV, the beautiful weather and the great memories I have from here.  That is why this is my second time to visit Caloundra since I left.

How lucky you guys are because you have decided to live here. Oneday, if you move to another city, you will know what I mean. 

Nevertheless, I am living in Melbourne at the moment for study and further travel.  Actually, I have just finished my schooling. I have done a TESOL course. The reason I decided to do this course was to study English in a different way, even though some of my friends who already had done TESOL told me it is not easy at all and not so enjoyable. Honestly,it was quite difficult. I even thought about giving it away as it was a little bit boring at the beginning of the course. But I was surprised that I get totally engaged in the class. It was really interesting and even amazing.  I learned how to organize the lesson all together with listening, writing, speaking and reading etc. It reminded me that, actually when we have a speaking class, we are listening too at the same time. When we have a reading task we are learning vocabulary even grammar and so on. They are not isolated tasks. 

When I started doing lessons in English at G.V, I didn’t know why the teacher asked me do a task, or

why I should read loudly or why I should do group work, but now I know why I should do things like that, why my teacher asked me to do things. Now I understand how a teacher organizs a lesson to include the students.

It’s pretty technical and it honestly surprised me. In my point of view, you guys are leaning many things without knowing it through the your teacher’s magic way.

If you guys get a chance, I recommend you do a TESOL course.

I hope you guys find this interestings and helpful regardness of whether or not you know me.

Enjoy your life in Australia and good luck.


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