Mighty Mo~!

Congratulations to Mark Choi, so far the only student at GV Perth who is participating in the “Movember” Fundraiser~!


The word “Movember” is a cross between the words ‘November’ and ‘Moustache’. This means that men will grow and wear a moustache for the whole of the month November. “Mo” is a slang-word for moustache.

Movember was invented by a charity who are raising money to combat men’s health problems such as prostate cancer and depression.

To find out more, visit the Movember wikipedia site, or check out the Movember Foundation’s homepage~!

The donation pool is still growing, please see Carina at reception if you would like to donate to Mark’s Movember fund 🙂

CAE teacher Stuart has also challenged Mark to a Mo-Off, where both will grow their moustaches until the end of November, and the man with the best moustache wins eternal glory~! (To place your bets on who will win, also see Carina at reception… ;))

May the best ‘Mo win~!

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