Meet Yolanda – a Spanish student at GV Byron Bay

Yolanda has been studying at GV Byron Bay since 6 July…here is what she has to say…..

Yolanda can you please tell us a bit about yourself?



Okay, I am from Spain – from Granada which is a town in the south. It is a university town with lots of young people and a great energy – just like Byron Bay!  I am 28 years old and I am visiting Australia with my boyfriend, Javier. When we arrived we hired a campervan and we have travelled up the east coast from Melbourne to Noosa. I read about Byron Bay in the Lonely Planet Guide and some people told us that it was a really good place so we decided to visit.

What can you tell us about Byron Bay?

Honestly for me it is the best place we have visited in Australia. It has really interesting people, lots of live music and the beach. Since I arrived I have become a very interested in surfing. At first I borrowed one of the GV Byron Bay surfboards and one of the schools wetsuits but since then I have purchased my own board. I surf at least 5 times a week after lessons. My favourite place to go out at night in Byron is The Rails Hotel. This is an Australian pub – very friendly and with really good live music every night of the week. It is amazing to me that you can see so many musicians in Byron and all for free.

Who are your teachers?

My teachers are Lynne and David. I am in the pre-intermediate class. Dave is often very funny and he is always happy, he is very dramatic and makes the class exciting and fun. Lynne is quieter than David but also a very good teacher. She is very competent and professional and yet she is a typical Byron Bay person- friendly, happy and caring!

What can you tell us about Global Village Byron Bay?

I can say that it would be hard to imagine a school that is better. The staff are friendly and helpful. It is a very nice school with good classrooms with lots of windows. It has a big student lounge with a large kitchen. This is really good for activities – last week Javier and I did a cooking class for the students and we cooked paella (Spanish food is the best!). The afternoon activities are fun and it is a good way to socialise with the other students. I am happy here…I don’t want to leave!!

Where are you living at the moment?

Javi and I are sharing a house with some crazy young Aussies. They are really nice people and what is extra good is that they have taken me surfing and taught me a lot about how to surf. Before I bought my own board they would always lend me, they are friendly and happy ( and just a little crazy) and the house is close to the beach and GV Byron Bay.

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