Meet the Lexis English | Byron Bay staff – This week : Amy!!


Amy is the Student Services + Homestay Coordinator here at Lexis English | Byron Bay, and you can usually find her on reception dealing with any one of many student and homestay queries, or sneaking off to Green Garage to buy copious amounts of black coffee!

Amy is from London in the UK, and moved to Australia over three years ago. She has lived in Byron Bay for about six months now and sees absolutely no reason why anyone would want to live anywhere else.

Amy takes care of Lexis Byron’s homestay programme, placing students from all over the world with friendly local families and couples, and making sure that everyone is kept happy! She also recruits new families for the programme, ensuring that Lexis | Byron Bay has a steady supply of fantastic hosts waiting for our new students.

She also looks after Lexis | Byron Bay’s free activity calendar – filling it with fun and engaging activities each month, and running Job Club, movie screenings, sports tournaments, cookery workshops and trips to the pub!

When she’s not placing students in homestay and running activities – Amy updates the Lexis English | Byron Bay blog and Facebook page daily, runs orientation for new students, books airport transfers, books your surf lessons and deals with any problems or questions that students may have – a busy day!

Here are some things that you might not know about Amy, but feel free to quiz her next time you see her supping a beer at the Rails!

– she studied Drama at university and spent a year in London starring in dodgy low budget movies and a detective series for UK’s Channel 5!

– her Mum dated Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden in the 1970’s

– in her spare time she is a writer and freelance journalist – scribbling about anything from the mining industry to Hunter S. Thompson!

– she used to live in South Africa, where she worked on a cage diving boat with Great White sharks and on a safari reserve babysitting baby crocodiles

– she is absolutely obsessed with good pale ales

– she once missed her Nan’s funeral to go and see Rage Against the Machine in Paris with her sister!

Next week, we quiz Elementary teacher Marie!!


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