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The crew of OUT & ABOUT students whipped up something special in the ‘J’ campus kitchen today.  In teams, they had to design a recipe, shop for ingredients, cook, and prepare a well presented, tasty and original dish to impress the tough panel of judges.

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The teams worked hard in the kitchen to become the best OUT & ABOUT GV Master Chefs.  There was much chopping, peeling, crumbing, stirring, slicing, dicing, mixing, cutting, boiling, heating and frying going on in the modern kitchen at the ‘J’.

Masterchefoutandabout 071

Masterchefoutandabout 085Masterchefoutandabout 100Masterchefoutandabout 101Masterchefoutandabout 098 The three teams were on fire!  The ‘J’ could have been mistaken as one of Noosa’s finest restaurants just by the authentic aroma wafting into the streets arousing the nostrils of people walking past.  When Judge Jo, walked into the kitchen she nearly fell over from all the excitement knowing she was going to taste some delicious flavours from globaly produced food.

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It was no easy feat deciding which team deserved to win this round of OUT & ABOUT Master Chef.  The scores were so close but only one team could claim the Master Chef title.

Masterchefoutandabout 120

Masterchefoutandabout 118

A delicious serve of Creamy Brazilian Prawns on Rice, a Korean Pizza with Pineapple and Meringue Dessert and a 3 course trio of Hand Crumbed Chicken Tenderloins pierced with Lemon, Avocado Prawn Cocktail and Lemon Mango Yoghurt were on the menu to tingle the taste buds of our judges.

The final results were close and teams 1 and 2 tied on a score of 22 out of 30 but it was team 3 who won OUT & ABOUT Master Chef with a total score of 27 out of 30.  Congratulations to all cooks and a BIG Well Done to the winners!!!

Masterchefoutandabout 124

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