Manaf Returns to Say Hi

Manaf Al Tayar came back  this week to say “hi and thanks’ for helping him reach his goal of attending university in Australia.


When Manaf arrived at GV Noosa he could only speak basic English and could not write at all. After eight months in the general English program he arrived in Sydney to study in an EAP course and was asked to write a 600 word essay on his first day.

“I did not believe that it would be so difficult and I was so grateful to the teachers here at Noosa that they had advised me and prepared me so well,”  Manaf said.

“I learnt so much because there are so few Saudi’s in Noosa and because the teachers and other students were so kind. Everyone helps each other, it is like a big family. I also had a wonderful homestay mother, it felt like a second home. Can you believe that at the end of my EAP 2 course I was able to write a 900 word essay on Business Administration and I also gave a 20 minute power point presentation on Media Censorship”.

Manaf will go to university in Sydney and says that his dream has come true through hard work and the support of all the staff at GV Noosa. Well done Manaf, we are so proud of you.

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